Sometimes You Have to Do It Yourself

RV life meant giving up my driveway and tools, but here’s a picture of why I still change my own oil:

cost at least $.89

cost at least $.89

The filter on the left is what Jiffy Lube put on my Yukon the day I bought it. That’s about 2/3 the size of a proper oil filter (right).  A bigger filter has more surface area for better cleaning of the oil. The right filter costs about $13. The left one, probably pocket change.

I discovered this sleazy practice when I put the truck up on a lift at Knuckle Bashers in Salt Lake City. They rent drive-on lifts so you can raise your vehicle, walk under it, and examine and fix just about anything you want.

Since I’d never gotten a chance to completely inspect the Yukon when we bought it (we immediately picked up the trailer and began RV living that day) I’ve always been apprehensive about its undercarriage. Were there any minor leaks? Brake pads good for a while?

I’m happy to report it passed inspection. I finished the oil and filter change in half an hour.

Now back to authoring!