It Was Supposed to Be for Grown-Ups

Before publishing Sex: What Your Parents Didn’t Tell You, I leaned on friends and acquaintances to read it first. A number of them obliged, and then they did something I never expected.

They gave it to their teenagers.

I guess I really am out of touch, because I figured no parent I knew would subject their offspring to sentences like

Dave took the unofficial first prize when he acknowledged bedding three girls simultaneously. Another got our admiration for his audacity to request and receive oral sex in the back seat of a car … with his buddies up front, pretending not to notice.

But my friends probably know that by the time a First World kid hits 16, he’s already read far more explicit content. At that age, I certainly had; I just never imagined my parents knew it.

SexWYPDTY was written for adults. Of course, the Internet has no age restrictions. (I could have set one up for the Amazon purchase, but that would’ve put the book in a category where it didn’t belong).

Mainly, I never wanted my work to get between parents and their offspring. This subject is too sensitive, and each child is different and needs a different approach. Children should hear about sex from their parents, not from a stranger, no matter how well-intended.

After some thought, however, I am grateful for this unexpected turn. Parents read the book first, then wanted to share it with the people they care most about. It’s about as high a compliment as they could pay.