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God’s Very Good Plan

Mary Flo Ridley

Mary Flo Ridley brings a simple message to parents of all faiths in all parts of the country. As a wife, mother, and grandmother, her homespun style and thoughtful insights encourage you to see your children as they are, and to communicate with them lovingly on matters of sex, love, and relationships. Her recurring theme, “Sooner Than You Think,” adds a gentle urgency to the fact that you should act on your beliefs about good parenting.


The Demise of Guys

Footnoted in my book, this TED talk helps explain what’s been happening in our culture to keep men from reaching their full potential in so many areas of life—including sex and relationships.


Your Brain on Porn

Fleshlight Sadness Cropped

At no time in human history have humans been able to spectate others’ sexual activity at will. Besides the potential for arousing our own sexual interest, what does this unnatural sight do to one’s mind, body, and spirit?

This friendly, thoughtful website looks at brain chemistry to explain why everyone, and boys and men especially, have difficulty ignoring porn—and why, not least for their own mental stability, they should try. Bonus: Step-by-step on how to do exactly that.



By no means a fix-all (bad information is broadcast almost everywhere), these programs let you assess what your family is viewing online at home. Accountability leads to dialogue, which builds trust. Try the free options first. (I receive no payment for listing these or anything else on this page.)

(Help me build this list. What tech tools do you use, and why do you like them?)


Sheila Wray Gregoire

SheilaAs an author and speaker who takes on hot topics without flinching, Sheila’s wit and sensitive style help break the barriers many of us maintain around discussions of sexuality. (Tip: Her bestseller, “The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex,” isn’t just for women.)


The Cor Project

Christopher West has his work cut out for him: making the concepts explored in Pope John Paul II’s “Theology of the Body” accessible to everyone. Toward that end, he’s formed The Cor (Latin for “heart”) Project. It’s not just for Roman Catholics, but for everyone who wonders what kind of approach to sex can rebuild its meaning from the devastation wrought by the Sexual Revolution.


The Book of Romance

Pastor Tommy Nelson of Denton Bible Church puts another dent in the wall of separation between church and sex with this exploration of the Song of Solomon. That’s the book in the Bible that shows us God’s loving interest in his gift of sexuality.

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